10 Reasons to Get a Mac


Are you a PC user interested in buying a Mac, but you’re just not sure?

Do you have an iPhone and iPad and love the experience so much that you want to take the next step and buy a Mac?

Are you tired of dealing with viruses or constant Microsoft security patches?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, I have one question for you.

What’s stopping you?

There’s never been a better time to get a Mac.

PC vs. Mac

Image: MatteoIonescu.com

If Apple’s PC vs. Mac ads didn’t convince you, maybe I can. Here are my 10 reasons to get a Mac.

1. Macs Are Easy to Learn

Macs are famous for being easy to use. Even if you’ve never used a Mac before, Mac OS X makes it easy for a new user to be productive quickly. Sure, things are a bit different from they are on Windows. But, they aren’t so different that you can’t figure them out.

Things are logically designed. There are folders for applications, documents, downloads, music, videos, and pictures. Tasks like installing a new application is incredibly easy. Most of them time, you just drag the application onto the application folder and voila—it’s installed. No muss, no fuss. Try that on Windows!

Plus, there’s built-in help and universal search, to help you get up and running quickly.

2. Macs Are Like an iPhone or iPad Only Much Bigger

Given the millions of iPhones and iPads Apple has sold, chances are you already own an iOS device. If you do, you are already familiar with some of the applications that are included with every Mac. For example, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Maps, Messages, and Reminders on the Mac are nearly identical to their iOS counterparts. There’s instant familiarity.

App Store

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Then there’s the Mac App Store. It’s just like the app store you access from your iOS device, but it’s for buying Mac applications. It’s built right into the Mac OS. Purchase and install is a breeze—literally one click. It also keeps track of all of your purchases and alerts you when there are updates. Accidentally deleted an application? No problem. You can easily reinstall it from the Mac App Store.

3. Anti-Virus Software is Optional

The Mac OS X operating system is rock solid and incredibly secure. It has a built-in firewall and other defenses to keep pesky digital invaders away. The biggest advantage that Macs have is that there are virtually no Mac OS viruses. Yes, it’s true. Nearly 99.99% of computer viruses and trojans are PC only. In fact, most Mac users don’t ever install anti-virus software. There isn’t really a need. I mean, there is Mac anti-virus software available (even a great free one), but most Mac users don’t bother.

Mac Security

Image: Damballa.com

You can enjoy your computing experience pretty much worry free. NO Windows user can say that!

4. Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Much More

Surprisingly, many people don’t realize that Microsoft makes the Microsoft Office Suite for the Mac as well as for Windows. They certainly do. As a matter of fact, Microsoft Excel was actually released for the Mac before it was released for Windows. Yes, the key applications that most people use are available. You’ll find Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even Outlook in Mac versions.

Microsoft isn’t the only software maker supporting the Mac. Adobe has long made excellent Mac software. You’ll find the complete Creative Cloud Suite available for Mac. That includes heavyweights like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Did you know that several programs, like Excel and Photoshop were first available only on the Mac?

There are other big name players, as well as many smaller developers, producing great applications for the Mac.

The best part is that files created in Windows versions of these programs can be opened in the Mac version, and vice verse.

5. Great Free Applications

Speaking of applications, each new Mac comes packed with some terrific free ones. There’s iPhoto, for editing and managing pictures, iMovie for creating videos, and GarageBand for creating music.


Image: Apple.com

Even better, now all new Macs come with the complete iWork suite. This is Apple’s version of Microsoft Office. It includes Pages (Word Processing), Numbers (Spreadsheet), and Keynote (Presentations).

These are all high-quality, full-featured applications. Since they were all created by Apple, they are easy to use. Did I mention these are all free?

You’d need to spend more than a few bucks to buy comparable programs for a Windows PC.

6. Run Windows (If you must)

One of the best-selling features of the Mac is that you can still run Windows if you need to. For several years now, Macs have been using the same Intel processors that PCs use. That means, it’s easy to install and run a copy of Windows to run programs that might not be available for Mac, or for cross-platform development purposes.

Out of the box, Apple supports installing your own copy of Windows on a Mac. You can then either boot your Mac running Mac OS X, or Windows. How great is that? Or, there are some cool software programs that allow you to install and run Windows side-by-side with you Mac.

The best part is, Windows runs at nearly the same speed as if it were on a “real” PC. It’s kind of like getting two computers for the price of one.

7. Great Value

Without a doubt, you get a lot for you money when you buy a Mac. I remember back in the 90s, Macs were insanely expensive. As great as they were, it was hard to justify spending the money. Now, though, that’s not the case.


Image: TwentyFirstTech.com

People often say that Macs are more expensive than Windows PCs. That’s really not true. When you compare a comparably equipped Windows PC with a Mac, the Mac wins hands down.

Sure, you can go buy a $500 PC. But, what do you actually get for that? Usually, not much.

You can buy a really expensive Mac too, but you don’t have to. You can get a well-equipped Mac for much less than you might think. There’s a range of Macs available for every budget. If you’re a student, Apple even gives you a discount.

8. Support

I can sum up the Apple support experience in two words: Genius Bar.

Genius Bar

Image: PatentlyApple.com

It’s truly amazing. You can walk into any Apple Store and talk to an Apple Genius about any problem with any Apple device. They’ll provide support even if you’re Mac is out of warranty.

And it’s free!

9. Macs Hold Their Value

Macs are beautifully designed, well-built machines. You really do get what you pay for when you buy one. When it comes time to buy a new Mac, selling your old one is easy. Macs hold their value better than any other computer. You can generally either trade-in or sell your Mac and get back a good chunk of your investment.

I usually buy a new Mac every three years. Each time I do, I sell my old Mac. I’m always amazed how much I end up getting for it. Mind you, I do take good care of my Macs, but it’s still a delightful surprise.

How much will you get for that $500 PC you bought from Dell? I think I’m safe in saying, not much.

10. Mac Community

When you buy a Mac, you become a member of the large and supportive Mac community. You’ll find have access to a wealth of help and support from your fellow Mac users. There are amazing Mac articles, blogs, and forums. Mac users are typically a passionate bunch. We like to help and take care of our own. You’ll find that requests for help seldom go unanswered.

Smiling Mac

Image: IconArchive.com

Whether you just bought your first Mac and are looking for help getting started, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for help with a vexing Mac problem, the Mac community is there to assist. I’m always amazed by the sheer volume and high quality of resources available from other Mac users.

Do yourself a favor. Go visit an Apple Store. At the very least, you can play with some cool technology.

Who knows, you may even walk out with a shiny new Mac!